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The University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, Scotland

PhD Student, September Sept. 2013 - Aug. 2018
Linguistics and English Language

     PhD Thesis: Cross-linguistic Variation of /s/ as an Index of

                            Non-Normative Sexual Orientation and

                            Masculinity in French and German Men
     Primary Supervisor: Dr Lauren Hall-Lew

     Secondary Supervisor: Dr Josef Fruehwald

     Viva Examiners: Dr Erez Levon - External Examiner

                             (Queen Mary University of London)

                              Dr Claire Cowie - Internal Examiner

                             (The University of Edinburgh)

The University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, Scotland

Master of Science, November 2012
Evolution of Language and Cognition

     MSc Dissertation: Phonetic Variation of Scottish Politicians in


     Supervisor: Dr Lauren Hall-Lew

Hastings College, Hastings, Nebraska, USA

Bachelor of Arts, May 2009
English Language and Linguistics & Theatre Arts

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