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You might not know much about me. Let's fix that. Here are 20 random thoughts, opinions, and facts by and about me which have nothing to do with my academic life. 

1. I've had a 2+ hour conversation regarding the sandwich debate. On more than one occasion.

2. I'm a pseudo hipster... about as close to being a hipster as is possible without actually being a hipster.

3. I absolutely love, love, lurrrve video games. 

4. Podcasts. Yes. Faves include: The Beef and Dairy Network (this is satirical), St Elwick's Neighbourhood Association Newsletter Podcast (so is this), My Dad Wrote a Porno, Ear Hustle, Pod Save America, Baby Geniuses, Mission to Zyxx, Not Another D&D Podcast, and literally anything by the McElroy Brothers.

5. My favourite author is Christopher Moore. He's hilarious and a brilliant writer.

6. I'm also a huge fan of Harry Potter, but let's be honest, JK wasn't exactly an exceptional writer until at least book four.

7. Quite possibly the douchiest (bougiest?) thing about me is the fact that I frequently host fancy cocktail nights and consider mixology to be a hobby of mine. Say what you will, but my Hibiscus Tequila & Rose Martini is stellar.

8. I pronounce 'GIF' as 'ʤ ɪ f ' (Like Jeff with an 'i').

9. Just kidding. I'm not a monster.

10. I consider myself to be a highly creative person with a great eye for aesthetics.

11.  I have a healthy obsession with Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

12. I have seen Brooklyn 99, New Girl, Parks and Rec, and Good Place in their entirety over 5 times each.

13. I briefly lived with a murderer in the summer of 2009. True story

14. I am very much into D&D, both as an Adventurer and Dungeon Master. DMing is one of the greatest creative outlets there is.

15. My theatre professor once told me I would be a horrible drag queen.

16. I generally have an acceptable taste in music. Exceptions being Owl City, Carly Rae Jepsen, and Jedward... all of which I unironically enjoy.

17. I own a relatively massive collection of tabletop board games because tabletop gaming is largely underrated. Hidden identity games are some of the best. (Lookin' at you Secret Hitler) 

18. My favourite band is easily The Decemberists, though Chvrches comes in at a close second.

19. Controversial opinion: Emoji's are largely pointless. Anything that can be conveyed via emoji can be better conveyed through proper GIF usage. Fight me.

20. If my friends were to describe me  they would likely say I'm very 'extra'.

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