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I'm currently in the final months of completing my PhD at the University of Edinburgh specialising in sociophonetics under the supervision of Dr Lauren Hall-Lew and Dr Josef Fruehwald.

PhD Thesis:

My research explores gay identity in non-native speakers of English. I examine the potential for stylistic variation of gay men's speech to determine if these features index sexual orientation in their L1 (German or French) and whether or not this also occurs in their production of L2 English. Furthermore, my research explores both macro level group differences (i.e. gay v. straight) as well as how phonetic variants are employed by different speakers within these groups. (Click here to read more about it!)

Research Interests:

Sociolinguistics; Sociophonetics; Language & Identity; Language & Sexuality; Style/Style Shifting; Language & Gender; Indexicality; Sociolinguistic Methodology